Thread Milling Cutters

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Solid Carbide

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Drill Thread Milling Cutters

Combination Thread Milling Cutters

Solid Carbide

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Shell Type Thread Milling Cutters

Application Specific Tools

Shorter Machine Times

Higher Grade Threads


PKD, CVD, & CBN Tools

Diamond Tipped Thread Milling
Cutters & Boring Tools


High Performance Thread Cutting Dies

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Round, Hexagonal, and Bell Dies

Specialty Dies

Thread Rolling Dies

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Precision Taps

Standard and Special

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Precision Thread Gauges

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JBO Thread Milling Cutters

The finest quality thread mills available from JBO. Solid carbide, with a wide variety of sizes and thread options

JBO Drill Thread Milling Cutters and Combination Tools

Drill thread mills and combination tools for multiple thread milling operations

JBO Thread Cutting and Thread Rolling Dies

High precision thread cutting and thread rolling dies

JBO Diamond Tipped Cutting Tools

The finest quality diamond-tipped thread mills, cutters, and end mills

JBO Thread Gauges

The finest quality precision thread gauges

Hahnreiter Taps

High quality standard and specialty taps from Hahnreiter

Swiss Tool Systems AG

Modular Boring Systems, Digital Boring Tools and HSK-T Turning Systems

Thread Milling Cutters, Cutting Dies, Taps and Gauges

We are the U.S. and Canadian supplier of JBO high performance thread milling cutters, cutting dies and thread gauges and Hahnreiter taps. JBO is one of the world’s leading providers of precision tools for cutting and machining threads and has been in business for 165 years. Hahnreiter has been making precision cutting products for 148 years. We provide technical support to designers, programmers, manufacturing engineers and machinists requiring cutting operations. J.M. Sales – USA stocks JBO and Hahnreiter precision cutting tools in Troy, Michigan.

Advantages of J.M. Sales USA

JBO and Hahnreiter US and Canada Representative

Technical support for programmers, designers, manufacturing engineers & machinists

Large inventory of precision cutting tools and gauges

Custom tools for specific applications

Excellent service

Contact us for more information (248) 879-5984