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JBO Shell Type Thread Milling Cutters

Excellent durability and excellent end product thread surface quality

Shell type milling cutters are ideal for difficult to machine materials and large batch production. These tools have more cutting edges, rugged construction and precision seating of the multifluted cutters. This permits higher cutting speeds and feeds compared to throw-away insert milling cutters. Machining times can be reduced while tool life is increased by 50%, or even 100% in some cases.

We provide excellent advance and ongoing support for engineers, designers and machinists. We’ll look at your blueprint and advise the best tool for your application and specifications. Please reference catalog shown on right for specifications.


Advantages of Shell type thread milling cutter

  • Short machining times due to high cutting speeds
  • Increased tool life due to large number of cutting edges
  • Higher grade thread surface texture due to rugged construction
  • Suitable for nearly any thread or profile
  • Particularly advantageous for long run production of steel components
  • Distinctly lower tooling cost per workpiece
  • The inserts can be reground several times

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