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JBO Precision Thread Gauges

Optimum surface finish & high hardness resulting in long gauge life

JBO is the market leader in precision thread gauges with over 8000 different thread dimensions and tolerances available. We have a complete range of gauges covering all types of threads from 0.5–300 mm diameter.

We offer the following type of Thread Gauges and Services

  • Thread Plug Gauges – Go and No-Go
  • Thread Ring Gauge – Go and No-Go
  • MultiCheck Thread Plug Gauges – Go and No-Go, Check both thread and thread depth
  • eMultiCheck Thread Plug Gauge (see below and brochure on right)
  • Special Client-Specific Thread Gauges
  • Thread Gauge Calibration Services

JBO MultiCheck Thread Plug Gauges


Advantages of using MultiCheck Thread Plug Gauge

  • A single gauge checks both thread and thread depth
  • Thread gauge cycle time reduced by 50% (eMC 80%)
  • Thread depth up to 4xD can be measured (eMC 50mm)
  • Use of standard plug gauge inserts
  • Simple replacement of worn plug gauges
  • Reliable reading of thread depth from measuring sleeve or digital readout

With the JBO eMultiCheck gauge the thread test cycle can be reduced by up to 80%

Special Application-Specific Thread Gauges and Inspection Machine Mountings

Thread gauges and inspection machine mountings can be made to customer drawings or samples, or can be designed to suit special customer applications. Please contact us for more information.

Thread Gauge Calibration Service

We Provide a complete calibration service for all JBO thread gauges and will issue acceptance inspection certificate of conformance. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for more information about Precision Thread Gauges