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PCD, CVD, and CBN-Tipped Cutting Tools

Higher cutting rates, improved durability, and excellent end product thread quality

We provide a complete spectrum of customer-specific cutting tools with PCD-, CVD-, and CBN-tipped cutting edges. JBO utilizes the latest generation laser processing machines to develop super-hard cutting tools, which are some of the highest quality tools available. The exceptional quality of the super-sharp cutting edge is instantly recognizable during the cutting process by minimal micro chipping and cutting edge rounding.

JBO PCD, CVD, and CBN-tipped tools are special, customer-specific tools designed for short processing times, precise dimensional quality, and long tool life. We’ve provided super-hard cutting tools for various types of operations and materials such as machining polycarbonate, high-silicon content aluminum, and carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

In coordination with the experienced JBO application engineering team we will work with you to design and develop super-hard, special-purpose cutting tools.

diamond tipped and diamond edge cutting tools

Please contact us for more information about PKD, CVD, and CBN cutting tools.