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JBO Combination Thread Milling Cutters

Maximises productivity by eliminating tool changes

Combination thread mills combine spotfacing, counterboring, drilling and thread milling in a single cycle. The result is a substantial reduction in production time by eliminating tool and machine changes.

Some of our JBO thread milling combination tools are high-tech with integrated RFID-Chip, internal coolant supply, and indexable facing and/or chamfering inserts. Different thread mill cutter sizes and facing / chamfering bits are interchangeable in the tool shank.

JBO makes some of the highest quality combination thread mills available focusing on long service life, shortest processing times and an excellent surface quality.

Advantages of Combination Thread Milling

  • High productivity due to drilling, chamfering, facing, counterboring, and thread milling with just one tool, without tool changing
  • Reduction of cutting and non-cutting times in machining cycle
  • Saving multiple tool places
  • Fully cut thread only 1.3 x pitch shorter than depth of drilled hole
  • Both blind and through holes can be drilled and threaded
  • 45° chamfer for countersinking, straight shank and right hand spiral flutes

Machines must have a helical interpolation capability to utilize a thread mill.

We provide excellent advance and ongoing support for engineers, designers and machinists. We’ll look at your blueprint and advise the best tool for your application and specifications.

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